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Frequently Asked Questions

How many job openings does Proship have?

Thousands of jobs every year, hundreds monthly. Thus far, we've booked over 20,000 contracts! Because of our vast network and experience, we are your best connection to the cruise and hospitality industries.

Why is it better to get a job with Proship?
  1. You don’t pay us any fees as it is our clients that pay for our services.
  2. Our team of industry savvy experts have the experience and resources to make sure you're prepared for your contract.
  3. Our 24/7 emergency travel hotline keeps you at ease knowing that you are fully supported when travelling to and from your contract.
Does Proship take a commission fee from entertainers?

Our entertainers don’t pay us anything. Proship operates on a no commission basis with no up front charges. Our clients pay us directly therefore no commission is taken out of your pay.