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Frequently Asked Questions

What happens after the audition?

Once your audition is complete we will evaluate your performance and determine what options are available to you. Keep us updated on your availability and we will let you know when we have a job to offer you.

How many job openings does Proship have?

Thousands of jobs every year, hundreds monthly. Thus far, we've booked over 20,000 contracts! Because of our vast network and experience, we are your best connection to the cruise and hospitality industries.

Why is it better to get a job with Proship?
  1. You don’t pay us any fees as it is our clients that pay for our services.
  2. Our team of industry savvy experts have the experience and resources to make sure you're prepared for your contract.
  3. Our 24/7 emergency travel hotline keeps you at ease knowing that you are fully supported when travelling to and from your contract.
What is the starting salary for cruise ship entertainers?

Starting salaries in the cruise industry range from approximately $2,000 to $3,000 USD/month for sidemen. However, we can sometimes negotiate higher salaries for musicians with ship experience or outstanding professional experience. You’ll also be able to save most of your income because airfare to and from the vessel or destination, meals and accommodations are supplied free of charge in most cases.

What type of entertainers is Proship looking for?

Proship is always looking for new entertainment personnel so if you’d like to know what options are out there for you simply get in touch with us or fill out an application. We are currently looking for showband musicians who play piano, bass, drums, guitar, trumpet (lead and 2nd), saxes with doubles, or trombone. We are also looking for piano bar entertainers, cocktail pianists, singing cocktail pianists, party bands with 3-6 members, one man bands, acoustic solo guitarists, duos, acoustic duos, classical ensembles with 2-4 members, steel pan players, and Caribbean/Island bands.

How long are the contracts for entertainers working on cruise ships?

Contracts can be as short as three days or as long as six months. The average length is 4 to 6 months. Short contracts come with little notice, sometimes only 24 hours! Short notice means our clients need to fill a position quickly and therefore are prepared to adjust the length of the contract. Normally our cruise line and hospitality clients prefer to hire people for longer periods of time. On a regular contract, you will usually have four to eight weeks notice to prepare for your departure.

What happens if I sign a contract with Proship but then change my mind?

Once you accept a job offer and sign a contract with Proship, your commitment is confirmed and an airline ticket is requested in your name. Should you change your mind prior to departure, you will be penalized. Our contract, which requires your signature, stipulates that you agree to pay Proship a replacement fee if you cancel a contract or do not complete your contract. This replacement fee does not apply if you are unfit for work on a ship as a result of a physical injury or medical condition.