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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a live audition?

Live auditions are strictly for orchestra / showband musicians who play the following instruments: Piano, Bass, Drums, Guitar, Saxophone doubling on Clarinet & Flute, Trumpet,Trombone. Being part of a showband or orchestra is highly challenging so only the finest musicians will be offered this type of work. During your audition, you will be asked to sight-read, improvise and play some standard repertoire by memory. Auditions are done remotely and usually take between 45-90 minutes.

Why does Proship hold auditions?

We audition every candidate to ensure each entertainer we hire meets the performance calibre we require. Our audition process is designed with all of our clients' needs in mind so we can determine which cruise lines a candidate is suitable for without the need for more than one audition.

What type of entertainers is Proship looking for?

Proship is always looking for new entertainment personnel so if you’d like to know what options are out there for you simply get in touch with us or fill out an application. We are currently looking for showband musicians who play piano, bass, drums, guitar, trumpet (lead and 2nd), saxes with doubles, or trombone. We are also looking for piano bar entertainers, cocktail pianists, singing cocktail pianists, party bands with 3-6 members, one man bands, acoustic solo guitarists, duos, acoustic duos, classical ensembles with 2-4 members, steel pan players, and Caribbean/Island bands.

Do entertainers need to be a certain age to work on a ship?

All candidates must be at least 21 years old.

What language skills do I need to get a job on a ship?

The ability to understand and communicate in written and spoken English is required. Other languages can be an asset so be sure to let us know which languages you know.

What are the required documents?

Proship will help you prepare and process all the documents you will need to travel. All candidates require a passport valid beyond the last date of their contract. Depending on the destinations (i.e. China, Australia, Russia), they may also need an entrance visa. Those who are not Canadian or American citizens will also need a C1/D seamen's visa obtainable for a fee at any U.S. consulate to be eligible for cruise ship work. Talk to your recruiter for more details about required documents and costs.

Will I have medical insurance while working on a cruise ship?

Medical coverage varies depending on which cruise line you're hired to work with, so ask your recruiter for more details. However, you will usually have full medical coverage while on board and while the ship is in port if you successfully complete a medical examination prior to departure. Medical requirements vary depending on the cruise line so we will review the specific requirements with you when you receive a job offer. Cruise ship employees are discouraged from participating in dangerous activities such as bungee jumping, sky diving, rental of risky mopeds, etc., as these activities may affect insurance coverage. It is up to you whether or not to invest in life insurance; keep in mind that the cruise line offers no compensation for fatal injuries.

Group Insurance: If you are a U.S. resident paying U.S. taxes or if you have the grade of an officer you may be asked to participate in a "Shipboard Medical Plan" which will provide coverage during your vacations.